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Prayer Sabbaths

What is a Sabbath?

A Sabbath is a designated time away from friends, family, work, and responsibility. It is time set aside for you to know God in new and deeper ways. Time is spent in personal reflection, practicing spiritual disciplines, and noticing the movements of the Holy Spirit within your own body, mind, and life. A Sabbath may happen individually or with a group of people.

What happens during a Sabbath?

A Sabbath includes periods of reflection and focusing, silence and solitude, sharing and deepening, worship and prayer. You are invited to reflect upon your journey with God as you rest, play, experiment, enjoy, and risk allowing the Mystery of God to direct your time. During the Sabbath you are supported in noticing the presence of God and reflecting upon your experience.

How long is a Sabbath?

A Sabbath is one day set aside. It begins in the morning, includes a meditative lunch, and ends in the late afternoon. It may take place in any setting, for example, a retreat center, a church, or a park.

How will a Sabbath benefit me?

“In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.” Isaiah 30:14 RSV.

The benefits of taking time to rest in God’s holy presence are many. You may find yourself relaxing and releasing stress. In the silence, you may experience a quiet knowing of God’s love and compassion. You may experience the loving transformative presence of the Holy One. You will leave rested, renewed, refreshed. Your body, mind, and heart will feel more relaxed and restored.