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Prayer Practices

What is prayer?

Prayer Is

A journey
to the still point inside myself
that radiates and vibrates loving energy.

That gently produces change.

towards compassion for all creation.

By: Elaine Andres

Prayer is an experience, a way of being, rather than a practice; it is a vibration that connects me to who I am. The practices of prayer that we teach are tools that support our experience, a road which allows us to reach our destination – that of experiencing oneness in God and with all creation. Living a life of prayer is being aware that I am with God and that God is with me all of the time.

What happens in a class?

The background of a specific prayer practice is shared. Instructions to engage its practice are given before time is spent experiencing the practice. During the class you will discover specific practices that delight you and deepen your experience of the Holy One and others that will cause you discomfort. The purpose of the class is to discover those that delight you and bring you closer to God.

How long are the classes?

Each class is one and a half hours long. Although the classes are offered in a series, you are invited to attend the practices and sessions that appeal to you. You are encouraged to risk and to explore those practices that don’t appeal to you as well; often they become favorite forms of prayer.

How will I benefit?

By experiencing a variety of ways to pray, you will discover several that resonant within your heart as a deep way to connect with God. By developing an active and enjoyable prayer life, you are better prepared to meet life’s challenges and invitations. Studies show that those who engage in prayer and/or meditation lead happier and more fulfilled lives. May it continue to be so.