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What they are saying...

“Being in Spiritual Direction with Elaine has been a gift both to my ministry and to my daily living. Her insights and her ability to engage in holy listening have helped me better integrate these two aspects of my life!” Jana Deiss,
Lutheran Pastor

“Elaine is an excellent Spiritual Director. She listens intently, observes keenly, and suggests possibilities adroitly." Dwayne Brown, Presbyterian Pastor,
Roseburg, OR

“Working with Elaine in sessions on the phone was at times intense. Because we both used Reiki, I was able to move quickly and with intimate gentleness to my next step. The changes and movements were deeply felt in my body as I experienced new ways of understanding and being. Each session with Elaine brought me to a deeper experience of my connection to my inner Divinity. The work that Elaine offers us as a spiritual director is a gift that every student of Reiki would be wise to accept.” Joyce Winough, Reiki Master, Green Valley, AZ

"Elaine is perceptive, kind, and supportive. Her understanding of the faith journey allows her to assist me as I struggle along the path. Elaine has a wonderful ability to bring clarity and discernment to amorphous feelings and thoughts. She is astute and bright with marvelous intuition. I respect her judgment and guidance. Her understanding, vision, wisdom, and wit empower me to move forward on my journey of faith. It is a joy to work with Elaine." Nancy Gallagher, Episcopal Pastor, Eugene, OR

"Elaine has been my Spiritual Director for six years. She is a calming presence in my life and I so appreciate that she is on my spiritual journey with me. I could not ask for more."  Karyn Dix, Seminary Student, Portland, OR

“Many of Elaine’s gifts are curative, they address the things that are causing dis-ease and help the person on the journey to wholeness. I trust Elaine as a mature, compassionate, and gifted spiritual companion and director.” Patrick Bailey, Presbyterian Pastor, Telluride, CO

"I have been blessed to experience both Reiki and spiritual direction with Elaine, coming away with new insight and feeling refreshed in body and soul. In the deep silence of prayer she listens to both the mind and heart of her directee and the presence of the Spirit, insightfully helping one hear and know their heart's desire and the Spirit working within. I highly recommend Elaine to anyone seeking direction, healing prayer or touch; she is a professional of outstanding integrity." Marie Brackbill, Spiritual Director, Pennsylvania


“The guidance in Spiritual Direction in a small-group situation has been a rich and supportive experience. My spirit is brighter as I’ve been able to notice God’s presence more each day. I am more trusting of outcomes. Elaine is a gifted listener and is able to discern the Divine in what appears (to me) as disorder. Silence and stillness shared is healing and powerful!” Spiritual Directee

“With Elaine guiding our process for over six years, we have grown and evolved in our understanding of ourselves as women, mothers, grandmothers, spouses and professionals. There are times when I needed just to talk it out; to have somebody who can mirror the depths of my soul; to be with me in prayer, in silence so Spirit can make its presence visibly known, to be able to take my next steps. 

"Spiritual Direction with Elaine has afforded me a way to bridge my soul with the practical every day movement of my life. It is soft, gentle, and supportive even during confrontation, always stressing the positive and new possibilities. I am very grateful to have Elaine in my life!"  Upasana Grugan

Spiritual Direction

Exploring Your Sacred


What is Spiritual Direction?

Thomas Merton, a contemplative and Trappist monk wrote, “The whole purpose of spiritual direction is to penetrate beneath the surface of a person's life, to get behind the façade of conventional gestures and attitudes which one presents to the world, and to bring out one's inner spiritual freedom, one's inmost truth, which is what [Christians] call the likeness of Christ in one's soul.”

Spiritual Direction is a journey shared between God, you, and your director. During spiritual direction, you are offered a safe place to reflect deeply upon your relationship with God, to enrich your spiritual path, and to notice the movement of God’s transforming love in your life. You are invited to notice and discover the connection between events, emotions, thoughts, and God. It is a time to explore your sacred story.

Why seek Spiritual Direction?

People seek spiritual direction for many reasons, such as...

Spiritual: develop a richer prayer life and learn new prayer practices, receive support during a faith crisis or dark night of the soul experience, respond to an inner nudging of God or a yearning for richer meaning in life

Mental: explore long-held beliefs about God or seek clarity on practical questions (i.e., seek further education, change location or jobs, or to end/begin a relationship)

Emotional: grieving a loss, desiring more inner freedom, wanting to diminish the fear within, reducing tension, seeking more internal freedom, or desiring to matter, to make a difference

Physical: facing surgery, living with chronic illness, or suffering the physical results of feeling stressed and anxious

What is the role of your Spiritual Director?

Your Spiritual Director accompanies you on your journey as a compassionate, caring friend. During a session, your director listens attentively, holds you in prayer, notices the movement of the Holy Spirit, reflects back to you what is said, and offers suggestions for deepening your spiritual path. Your director seeks to support you in understanding your spiritual path and encourages you to respond to God in a growing relationship of freedom and commitment.

How often do we meet and for how long?

Most people choose to meet for one hour once a month. In times of discernment on a big decision, a time of deep grief or challenge, or another major turning point in life, you may choose to meet more often for a short period of time. Most people choose to walk with a director for years.

Can Spiritual Direction be done in a group? With my partner?

Definitely! Doing spiritual direction in a small group brings rich rewards as friendships are built and support is received in addition to the valuable experience of spiritual direction.

Couples who come for spiritual direction together report that the experience of being vulnerable before God and their partner brings a deeper love and a new closeness in their relationship with each other and with God.

What results might I experience?

People who walk with a spiritual director for years report they live life more fully. They find it easier to rest into an experience of Oneness with God and to discern God’s movement in their lives. Choices are clearer as they experience more inner freedom and clarity. An awareness and awe of God deepens as they become more aware of Spirit. They often discover an aliveness that translates into new service to the world. Overall they report experiencing a deep joy in being the authentic self that they are.

Where are your offices?

Our home office is located in the basement of the First Christian Church, 1166 Oak, Eugene, Oregon. We also offer spiritual direction at the Murray Hills Christian Church, 15050 Weir Rd., Beaverton, Oregon.

For Additional Information

Spiritual Directors International provides a wealth of information on their website www.sdiworld.org.

Your Invitation

Give Elaine a call (541-543-3181) or email her  Elaine@sacredpathministry.org. It is our desire to be of service to all who seek.