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Questions about Supervision

Who is the supervisor?

Who are in the groups?

How often do the groups meet and for
how long?

Where are these groups held?

What are the benefits?

Who is the supervisor?


"I experienced firsthand the power of Elaine's supervisory skills in combination with her Reiki practice during a seminar I taught on supervising spiritual directors. In her session she moved fluidly from Reiki Master to supervisor and back again, gleaning wonderful information and healing for her client along the way."

“Elaine’s contemplative spirit, her years of Reiki teaching and practice, her experience as a spiritual director and supervisor, and her work with Sacred Path Ministry give her a very deep well from which to draw. I highly recommend her unusual – and powerful – blend of supervision and Reiki.” Maria Bowen, Professor and Supervisor, San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, CA




Spiritual Direction


What is supervison?

Supervision is a time of spiritual direction for those who serve in professional ministry (i.e., pastors, spiritual directors, leaders of faith communities and those who tend the souls of others). You may meet individually or in a small group of peers. In this safe, accepting atmosphere you are invited to focus on your own professional and personal spiritual growth as experienced through the lens of your faith community or the individuals you serve.

In small group supervision, a trained spiritual director supervisor guides you in contemplative reflection experiences and encourages you to explore the questions and issues in your ministry. With the support of the group, you will seek to discern the Spirit’s invitation and to deepen your ability to notice God’s presence moving within your ministry.

Who are in the groups?

Clergy, spiritual directors, associate pastors, youth ministers, chaplains, hospice workers, counselors, therapists, and people in other specialized ministries participate. Each group has four-six members.

How often do the groups meet and for how long?

There are two groups each year. Both groups meet once a month for three hours at a time that is mutually convenient. The first group meets for four times from September to December. The second group meets from January to May for five sessions.

Where are these groups held?

Groups meeting in person may gather in Eugene/Springfield, Albany, Salem, Beaverton, Portland, or Roseburg. Groups outside these locations are invited to arrange a Skype conference call.

What are the benefits?

In addition to the benefits of regular spiritual direction, participants find additional support in having peers prayerfully companion them on their sacred path. The group members listen deeply and compassionately and hold you in prayer. By giving yourself the gift of time and space to listen to God and to deepen your spiritual path, you will experience less stress, anxiety, and fear as a new sense of freedom, clarity, and joy becomes more evident. You will begin to notice God’s presence in the little moments and develop a sense of awe and wonder in God’s surprises and the transformation that happens over time.

Who is the supervisor?

Rev. Elaine Andres is ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). She served as co-pastor of an interfaith congregation in Illinois for fifteen years and as small group minister, Christian education director, and youth minister for seventeen years at the First Christian Church in Eugene, Oregon. 

She received an M.R.E. from Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, KS, a graduate diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction from San Francisco Theological Seminary (SFTS) and was trained in supervision by Together in the Mystery, an affiliate of SFTS.

As Executive Director for Sacred Path Ministry, she maintains a spiritual direction practice. Understanding the challenges, dynamics, and gifts of serving others on a spiritual path, Elaine has a passion for supporting those in professional ministry.

For supervision, please contact Elaine at Elaine@sacredpathministry.org.