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The Universal flow of life energy that Dr. Usui called Reiki is just as powerful in distance treatments.  I remember particularly a treatment where a woman could feel the flowing energy through not only her injured knee but her whole body during the hour session.  Her knee responded to the healing energy and healed rapidly.

Many of my congregation members receive Reiki and Prayer every third Sunday after the service, and many call for special sessions during operations and injuries.  Those who have received a treatment usually comment on how very peaceful the process was and how much better they feel. Donna Smith, Roseburg, OR


Healing Ministry

Reiki II class

What will I learn?

In the second Reiki class, students review the hand positions, the history of Reiki, and have an opportunity to ask questions that surfaced during their own practice and from sharing with others. Three sacred symbols are shared: one for intentionally focusing the energy of Reiki, one for working with mental healing, and the third to send Reiki beyond time and space. You will be taught how to draw each symbol and how to use each symbol for yourself, others, and with situations and events. The class consists of the sharing of information, personal sharing, one initiation, and practice using the symbols.

What preparation is needed?

A minimum of six months practice using Reiki I is required. When you feel ready, contact your Reiki Master. Reiki II classes are scheduled when a student is ready.

How long is the class?

The number of students taking the class determines the time and length of this class.

What are the benefits?

Reiki II expands your ability to use the energy of Reiki. You will be able to send the energy of Reiki to people, places, and situations beyond your physical location and into the past, present, and future.

After the class, then what?

Sacred Path Ministry offers Reiki retreats for Reiki students several times a year. You are encouraged to form a Reiki support group with other members of your class. It may meet weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.

What if I want to teach Reiki?

If you want information on becoming a Reiki Master, please contact your Reiki Master. This training is not offered by Sacred Path Ministry.

Your Invitation

Interested in a Reiki II class? Email Elaine@SacredPathMinistry.org for more information. Elaine is delighted to travel.