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Sacred Path Ministry is a 501 c 3 public charity organization. All contributions made are tax deductible.

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Healing ministries transform the receiver, the giver and the faith community. Creating and sustaining this ministry takes skill, practice, training, and wisdom. We offer training that is rooted in ancient and current healing prayer practices. We consult with the spiritual leader on how to sustain the ministry. When it is time to broaden the healing service to the local community, we train your team members to establish that public ministry in ways to help protect the team, those coming for healing prayer, and the faith community.

Reiki I and Reiki II Classes

Reiki is a safe and simple way to care for your body, mind, and spirit. Through the gentle and respectful placement of the hands upon your body, you can experience God’s healing love and compassion. Reiki brings deep relaxation, relief of stress, clarity of mind, and healing to body, mind, heart and soul. As you open to a deeper level beyond your conscious awareness, you may become aware of energy moving in your body as you feel yourself supported by God’s love.

With the gift of daily practice you create a sense of balance, well being, and wholeness. All you need to use Reiki for yourself and to share it with others is taught in the first class. Students called to deeper service may take the second class after six months of practice.

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Contemplative Healing Prayer

Participants in this training develop and deepen their own God-given healing gifts. How to focus one’s attention in a very concentrated way is taught through the use of meditative and contemplative exercises from several faith traditions. Learning to access prayerful inner imagery prepares participants to practice this form of hands-on healing prayer. Each participant receives a hands-on healing session.

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Reiki Retreats

Reiki Student Retreats These retreats support students in deepening their relationship with Reiki as they explore new ways to use Reiki. It is a time for asking questions from the Reiki Master present, to review the hand positions, and to give and receive Reiki.


Clergy/Spiritual Leaders Gatherings Reiki students who are clergy and/or spiritual leaders of a faith community meet for support and fellowship. These gatherings offer an opportunity to discuss your questions with a Reiki Master and to explore ways to use Reiki as a foundation for healing prayer ministry. It is also a time for giving and receiving of Reiki.


As a Reiki Student, you are encouraged to attend the informal groups and retreats. If there isn’t a group near you, email Elaine@SacredPathMinistry.org to organize a group or a student retreat.