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Creating New Wine: A Pastor’s Recommendation

Elaine provided spiritual direction for two years to me as pastor and to the congregation I serve during a critical time of transformation. We were immersed in a 1.8 million dollar remodeling project to enhance our building for new ministries. In the midst of this restructure process we were also transforming our organizational structure.

During this exciting and challenging time, I met regularly with Elaine for spiritual direction. She guided me in a process of becoming more and more open and sensitive to the call and movement of the Spirit in my life and within the congregation’s life.

Elaine also met regularly with our Church Board, Program Cabinet, and Board of Elders during this time and led these groups on a path of prayerful discernment. Elaine listened deeply to our conversations and helped us to listen to each other. She held us in prayer and deepened our prayer life. She asked probing and clarifying questions and helped us become more sensitive to God’s presence and voice.

I heartily recommend that pastors and congregations seeking to move through these challenging days in vibrant ways contact Sacred Path Ministry and avail themselves of its rich resources for Spiritual Direction and Healing Ministries. Rev. Patricia Evans, Pastor, First Christian Church, Albany, Oregon.

Faith Communities

Spiritual Direction & Faith


Sacred Path Ministry serves faith communities during times of change and transformation. The faith community may be experiencing staff changes, revitalizing an ineffective organization, experiencing a time of conflict, discerning new ways to serve, remodeling, discerning to build, or moving to a new location. During these times, it often becomes a challenge to notice God’s movement. We invite you to consider spiritual direction as it can make a difference when it is important to discern God’s direction and will.

During times of stability and spiritual growth, Sacred Path Ministry offers a variety of seminars, facilitates retreats and prayer Sabbaths, and provides training in developing and expanding hands-on healing prayer ministries. Let us partner with you in creating opportunities for your members to deepen and use their spiritual gifts.

Spiritual Direction for the Faith Community

Your spiritual director works closely with the pastor or spiritual leader. Using the skills of spiritual direction and discernment, your director listens for the movement of God within the work of the leadership and within the faith community.  She creates a safe space where people can reflect deeply upon their sacred stories and discover the connections between events, emotions, thoughts, and God.

Your director may attend meetings of the governing and ministry boards (i.e. elders, deacons), task forces or committees (i.e. worship, education, youth ministry) and service groups (i.e. homeless ministry, women’s or men’s groups). The director prayerfully listens, reflects back the movement of God, asks questions for clarification, and supports the group in deepening their discernment of God’s will.

Spiritual direction enriches the faith community’s spiritual path and deepens the practice of prayer. It supports people in learning to notice the movement of God’s transforming love in the events and ministry within the faith community. Spiritual direction deepens this awareness for both the leadership and the members. The director may serve for a period of months or years depending upon the need as discerned by the leadership.

Contact us for a consultation at Elaine@sacredpathministry.org

Spiritual Leadership Development

Those elected to serve as spiritual leaders of a faith community and those who volunteer in ministry are responding to God’s invitation. These leaders may be the governing board, program cabinet, volunteers who work with youth, education teachers and small group leaders, childcare givers, or musicians. All are called to lead God’s people into a deeper relationship with God.

When the faith community’s spiritual leaders are engaged in practices to deepen their own spiritual path and are consciously noticing God’s presence in everyday events, life becomes a journey of awe and wonder. This personal experience is then embodied and lived out within the faith community through their leadership.

Working with these groups, your spiritual director creates experiences to teach and support the group in deepening their ability to discern God’s movement within the business being conducted and the goals and objectives of the group.

Contact us for a consultation at Elaine@sacredpathministry.org

Creating a Healing Prayer Ministry

Healing prayer ministries transform the receiver, the giver, and the faith community. Participants are invited to open to God’s healing, and in return, experience God’s compassion and love. Creating and sustaining this ministry takes skill, practice, training, and wisdom.

In this seminar we discuss the essential issues related to offering any form of healing prayer. The difference between healing and curing is clarified. Ways to address the expectations of the one offering and the one receiving prayer are addressed. A variety of ways to share this ministry are suggested. Creating prayer teams, confirming practitioners, team preparation, and the need for continued training are explored. Guidelines for creating a volunteer team, examples, and resources for healing prayer services are available.

Contact us at Elaine@sacredpathministry.org

Ethical Conduct for Healing Prayer Teams

Within the past decade faith communities have become aware of the necessity of training volunteers. It is from this awareness and upon the request of a denominational regional minister that this seminar was developed. Before the team begins offering hands-on healing prayer, it is recommended that all members of the team participate in this training and receive their certificate of completion.

When a faith community offers the ministry of hands-on healing prayer, team members offer a deep personal ministry to those seeking this experience. In this seminar, team members are instructed in ways to offer hands-on healing prayer in a manner that is safe, welcoming, and supportive to those who come.

Creating safe boundaries and suggestions to protect the team members, the person(s) seeking prayer, and the faith community are explored. Topics include a discussion of safe touch practices, guidelines for teams, and how to prepare for and structure a healing prayer session. Volunteer guidelines and other forms are provided.

Contact us at Elaine@sacredpathministry.org

Additional Services Available

Sacred Path Ministry offers a variety of seminars, prayer Sabbaths, retreats, and training in healing prayer. If you wish to organize an event or training, please contact us. We are happy to discuss partnering with you.

Healing Prayer Training
  • Contemplative Healing Prayer
  • Reiki I - first level
  • Reiki II - second level

Prayer Sabbaths


Contact us at Elaine@sacredpathministry.org or call 541-543-3181.