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Healing Ministry

Contemplative Healing Prayer

Participants in this training develop and deepen their own God-given healing gifts. How to focus one’s attention in a very concentrated way is taught through the use of meditative and contemplative exercises from several faith traditions. Learning to access prayerful inner imagery prepares participants to practice this form of hands-on healing prayer. Each participant receives a hands-on healing session.

What is Contemplative Healing Prayer?

Jesus introduced healing to his followers as a demonstration that the Kingdom of God was at hand. He taught his followers that God was the source of all healing. He expected his disciples to practice healing as part of the Good News they shared with others.

Contemplative Healing Prayer is a powerful method of laying-on hands healing prayer. It involves focused attention, clear intention, healing imagery, and creating space for healing to happen as God's Spirit does the healing work.

In this training, participants are taught to develop their own latent, God-given healing ability, to focus attention in a very concentrated way, and to access their own prayerful inner imagery.

How was Contemplative Healing Prayer developed?

Francis Geddes

Francis Geddes

The Rev. Dr. Francis Geddes developed this healing prayer practice in 1981 as part of the requirements for his Doctor of Ministry degree. Using the methods developed by Dr. Lawrence LeShan, a research psychologist, within the context of the Christian faith, Rev. Geddes taught small groups in four congregations during his course of study.

Upon finishing the dissertation and receiving his DMin, he began teaching this method of hands-on healing prayer to individuals in congregations on the West Coast. He has taught this spiritual practice to more than 900 people in thirty congregations over the past three decades.

Beginning in 2001, he began training others to facilitate this method and has certified eight people who are currently available to teach this spiritual practice. In 2011, he published Contemplative Healing: The Congregation as Healing Community to encourage people to develop their own healing gifts and to inspire faith communities to begin healing prayer ministries.

What will I learn?

The training consists of an opening and closing ritual, three lectures, group discussion, preparation, and the practice of healing imagery prayer.

The preparation involves learning to focus your attention and to develop clear intention. This is taught through the practice of specific meditative and contemplative exercises from several faith traditions. These practices prepare participants to access their inner imagery process. If you are in a retreat setting, Holy silence is practiced each evening to deepen the experience of entrainment.

The imagery process taught serves as a metaphorical bridge between the person, the healer, and God. This process works to accelerate the God-given self-repair mechanisms that are part of the human healing system. The steps for the healing prayer practice are taught and each student receives a healing prayer session.

What preparation is needed?

Each participant completes an information form in order to be accepted into the training. In addition, participants are requested to read two books before the training begins.

How long is this training?

The length of the training depends upon the option chosen. Options are:

A five-day retreat (Wednesday 7 p.m. – Sunday 4 p.m.)
Two weekend retreats held within one month (Friday 7 p.m. – Sunday 5 p.m.)
Three Saturdays in a row (9 a.m. – 6 p.m.)

After the class, then what?

Practice, practice, practice! As you become comfortable with the practice, you may want to begin a healing prayer ministry in your faith community. If so, we encourage you to take the Building a Healing Prayer Ministry seminar as it addresses specific issues in starting a healing prayer ministry in your faith community.

Is there more training I can take?

Yes, there is a second level and training to teach this practice. Email Elaine@sacredpathministry.org for more information.

Want to create a healing prayer ministry in your faith community? Interested in re-energizing a current healing prayer ministry? Email Elaine@sacredpathministry.org. She is happy to support you.