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Sacred Path Ministry is a 501 c 3 public charity organization. All contributions made are tax deductible.

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"Miracles, Healing & Wisdom"

By Rev. Alicia Spiedel

From Heartto Heart

By Elaine Andres

The Poem Home

By Elaine Andres

What People are saying...

"I heartily recommend that pastors and congregations seeking to move through these challenging days in vibrant ways contact Sacred Path Ministry and avail themselves of its rich resources for Spiritual Direction and Healing Ministries." Rev. Patricia Evans, Pastor, First Christian Church, Albany, Oregon.

“Elaine is a gifted, sincere Spiritual Director, Reiki Master, and organizer. She is led by a genuine desire to follow the call of the Spirit. Having experienced her gifts firsthand, I can recommend her services highly, without reservation.” Jan Stafl, MD, Eugene, OR


Sacred Path Ministry
is a religious nonprofit organization located in Eugene, Oregon. We provide spiritual direction, prayer Sabbaths, Contemplative Healing Prayer training, and education through the Reality of Healing seminars.

For faith communities we provide spiritual direction and training during times of growth, change, conflict, or transformation. We offer consultation in spiritual discernment and support in creating and sustaining healing prayer ministries.

Our participants include: 

  • People who walk a sacred path.
  • Clergy, spiritual directors, and those who.
    accompany people on a spiritual journey.
  • Those who practice healing ministries.
  • Communities of all faith traditions.

Deepen your spiritual path as you...

  • explore your sacred story with spiritual direction.
  • rest in God’s presence at a Prayer Sabbath.
  • Contemplative Healing Prayer.
  • train in spiritual leadership.
  • experience a variety of prayer practices.
  • attend innovative conferences and seminars.

Faith Communities are invited to...

  • be supported during a time of transformation.
  • learn spiritual discernment skills.
  • train volunteers in spiritual leadership.
  • create and sustain a healing prayer ministry.

You are invited to deepen your journey. Connect and dialogue. Seek an awake, aware, and alive relationship with the Divine Mystery of Life we name God. Join us as we discover ways to live as one with all sacred creation.